Career Opportunities

There are a large number of nursing jobs. Some other career opportunities of a nursing job are described below:

Hospital nurse

The largest group of nurses is formed by the nursing jobs in hospitals. Many nurses had their first work experience in a hospital while studying at a college or after completed their college. The job you can do will depend on your nursing degree. Hospital nursing jobs are usually assigned to one department, such as surgery, intensive care, treatment of patients with a specific illness, emergency room, caring for newborns, etc.

Office nurse

A nursing job as an office nurse will allow you to assist physicians in offices, clinics, emergency medical centres, and ambulatory surgical centres. Office nurse also give injections, medications, assist with examinations, minor surgery, dress wounds and incisions, maintain records and assist with minor surgery. Some office nurses also perform routine laboratory and office work.

Home health nurse

Home health nurses manage the nursing care for residents. They work independently and may supervise home health aides. Home health nurses care for a broad range of patients such as those recovering from accidents, illnesses, cancer and childbirth.

Public health nurse

Public health nurses work with groups, families and individuals to improve the further development, implementation and evaluation of the public health programs. They work in government, private agencies, schools and clinics. Public health nurses arrange for blood pressure testing, immunizations, and other health screening.

Other nursing jobs

Other nursing jobs are nurse supervisors, certified nurse midwives, nurse educators, school nurses, rehabilitation nurses, occupational health nurses (industrial nurses), clinical nurse specialists, critical care nurses, etc.

You have enough job choices if you want to specialize in the nursing sector. The nursing degree you will earn at your nursing school will be important in the career you want to broaden yourself in. Even after you have graduated you can still choose from the many program offers which can increase your knowledge in nursing while you are working.

To cope with human suffering, emergencies and other stresses, nurses need emotional stability. For this reason many nurses may spend considerable time walking and standing. Now and probably in the future there are more nurses needed outside the hospital settings. Compared with other nursing jobs there is a higher demand for travel nurses than any other nursing job.

Online Nursing Degrees

Online nursing degrees are now widely available for nurses who wish to further their already extensive training.For example, if you already are a registered nurse and are looking to obtain your BSN, you can do that online from accredited universities.