Nursing School: Looking for a Nursing Job

Looking for a Nursing Job

Completing either a two-year or a four-year nursing degree program can definitely be a difficult undertaking. However, it can be well worth the effort if it helps a student to find a satisfying nursing career after graduation. But what makes for a satisfying nursing career?

Finding the Right Job

While looking for a job, a nurse would be wise to consider factors such as the reputation, location and bed capacity of medical facilities with available job openings. A nurse may request information from a potential employer before being hired, such as nurse-to-patient ratio; the length of each shift; the availability of hospital internet; and the support staff available to assist nurses.

There are more in-depth questions that are also valuable to ask. For example, are nurses welcome to give suggestions on policy development and operational management in relation to safety and quality of care? Are nurses equally represented in the different committees of the medical facility? Are nurses the ones making decisions on issues related to the nursing practice and delivery of care? Does the facility provide grants for continuing nursing education, or perhaps other resources such as internships or mentorship programs?

An applicant may also ask about the camaraderie between nurses at the medical facility, since competition may be present among some of the nurses, especially those who are eyeing for promotions. Some people thrive in a competitive environment, while others would rather avoid it, so this is good to be forewarned about. Similarly, an applicant may want to know how the quality of patient care and safety is reviewed at a given medical facility, as well as who is involved in the review.

Submitting Your Job Application

After learning these important details, a nurse can make an informed decision about which medical facilities he or she wants to apply for. Take care when submitting your application letter to any potential employer; be sure to include all of your credentials, as well as any extra information this employer might be interested in, and to submit it in a timely manner.

The Interview Process

Job interviews can be sometimes nerve-racking, especially for brand-new graduates looking for their first nursing job. To help yourself prepare, be sure to review the job position description you are applying for. Think about what you can bring to the job position that would distinguish you from another person in that position. If you don’t understand something about the position, that can be a good thing! Remember what you don’t understand and ask about it in your interview. This can help to demonstrate that you are paying attention to details and that you are willing to ask questions when instructions are unclear, two traits that can be valuable to prospective nursing employers.


If you are accepted into the first nursing position you apply for, congratulations! If not, however, don’t be discouraged; perhaps that medical facility was just not a good fit for you. Keep applying, and use your experience from each job application to do even better on the next.