Nursing Short Abbreviation

Nursing school: short abbreviation

In any course, there are certain words and nursing abbreviation that can be associated with any of its subjects and are sometimes helpful to the students.

As for the online nursing schools, nursing education and the nursing program, any person may practically encounter such word as nursing examination or nursing abbreviations such as CGFNS, NCLEX, BSN, LPN, ASN, CNA, CNP, ATT or any other acronym which may be difficult to understand.

To provide you with a short dictionary of terms related to the nursing education and the nursing program, here are some of the common words and nursing abbreviations:

  • Nurses Licensure Examination is a type of examination given to those who graduated with a four-year nursing degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) for them to earn a license and practice their profession as a registered nurse.
  • CGFNS means Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools, an organization based in Philadelphia that evaluates the credentials of nurses and health care workers who want to work in the United States to ensure that these nurses and health care workers are qualified and competent to practice their profession.
  • NCLEX means National Council Licensure Examination, a standardized examination given to a registered nurse by the board of nursing of the state he or she wishes to work to determine if he or she is prepared to practice the nursing profession.
  • ATT means Authorization to Take the Test, a document given to nurses who are eligible to take the NCLEX.
  • BSN means Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a four-year degree course taken by anyone who wants to become a nurse.
  • CNA means certified nursing assistant or nurse's aide who usually assists patients in taking a bath, dress up, feeding, walking and going to the bathroom. CNAs also take patients’ vital signs, making their beds and do such other tasks as directed by the nurse.
  • RN or registered nurse is someone who can do medical procedures as directed by doctors, can operate medical equipment, gives medications and injections to patients, administers dextrose, assists in surgery or supervise other nursing personnel.
  • LPN means Licensed practical nurses, also called as LVNs or licensed vocational nurses. They are called "basic" nurses who help develop health care plans for patients, assess the progress of patients, administer some medication and do other tasks. However, they cannot fill the doctors’ order directly as they follow orders by nurses who are higher in rank.