Nursing Entrance Exams

Nursing Entrance Exams

Since nursing as a profession is becoming a necessity for many people wanting to advance their careers as well as their lifestyles, many nursing institutions today are already requiring nursing exams to test the capability of students who enroll in nursing all over the globe. This exam is set to qualify incoming freshmen students.

Here are various nursing schools entrance exams for you to be able to understand what are these exams all about and which ones do you need if you decide to take up nursing as a chosen career in the future.

- Nursing Entrance Test (NET) - this is amongst the most popular computer exams divided into seven areas such as learning style evaluation, a social interaction profile, a stress level profile, an evaluation of test-taking skills, a reading rate exam, reading comprehension for science textbooks, and basic algebra.

- Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) This exam is being administered by the ATI, Assessment Technologies Institute. The exam is divided on the following areas namely: math, reading comprehension, English which consists of grammar, vocabularies, spelling and punctuation, and science which is also composed of biology, general science, chemistry, and physical science.

- NCLEX exam - The NCLEX exam for nurses include 180 hours training. After you have successfully hurdled the training an examination will be conducted to test your skills.

At least you are an exam passer in the US or else you cannot find any nursing job which requires that you gave passed a screening for professional nurses. Your license in your country cannot help you work in the US unless you pass one of these examinations we have mentioned before. If you pass the qualifications set forth by the US board of nursing, you have greater chances of becoming a professional nurse with a guarantee of big monthly compensation which will surely change your life.