Nursing School: Nursing Salaries

Nursing Salaries

Nurses are definitely in-demand nowadays as more hospitals in the United States, United Kingdom and other countries are offering bigger nursing salaries and incentives just to attract qualified nurses to work with them.

However, nursing salaries depend on the location of the medical facility they are working in, the size of the facility, their level of nursing education, years of experience and level of expertise since experienced nurses receive higher nursing salary than those who are not.

In some Asian countries like Philippines, nursing salary for contractual and in-experienced nurses working in government hospitals are between $120 to $180 a month while those with experience could get as high as $280 a month. But those working in special areas like the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), hemodialysis and surgical departments are receiving more than $400 a month.

Ironically, those nurses working in private hospitals receive much lesser pay, between $40 to $140 a month, depending on their job description.

In the United States, nursing salary for registered nurses with at least one year of experience is pegged at $17 per hour plus $2 per hour premium for evening shifts and $3 per hour premium for night shifts.

These nurses also receive around $2,000 to $10,000 as signing bonus plus a package of benefits that may include health insurance, holiday pay, pension plans, annual vacation and other benefits.

In New England, nursing salary for registered nurses is pegged at $17.07 per hour while licensed practical or vocational nurses get $14.65 per hour.�