Nursing Scholarships

Considering the high demand for nurses, some are very much interested to pursue a nursing career though most of them may don’t have much financial capability.

But those who are interested to pursue a career in nursing but are cash-strapped can apply for various scholarships since thousands of nursing scholarships and nursing grants, ranging from local community-based grants to college nursing scholarships, are available to nursing students, practicing nurses and those who are interested in pursuing a nursing career.

Financial assistance depends on the grantee’s thrust and objectives and the scholarship grants may have various criteria, including financial need and academic achievement. Some may even require the recipient to render service for the sponsoring organization after taking the nursing program.

The scholarship program includes payment for tuition; costs for books, clinical supplies, laboratory expenses and other expenses; and a monthly stipend.

In the United States, scholarships available are on career mobility for students taking up Licensed Practical Nursing, nursing majors who are pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, and pre-doctoral and doctoral scholarship programs in any field.

The amount of grants varies for every organization, but may range from $500 to $25,000 a year. Other organizations may also offer mentoring and leadership training for the recipient.

Scholarship is also available to students who have documented disability but are committed to pursue a nursing education and are willing to work with people with disabilities.

Whatever scholarship grants are available, it is now up to the students to decide which suits them best.