Nursing school: Why?

Some reasons for attending a nursing school are the large number of jobs, for example as a travel nurse, which you can employ. The nursing school will teach you the basic theory of the nursing major and prepare you for beginning and advanced practice as a Registered Nurse. The practice is mostly also a part of your nursing degree program. This practice will be done by an internship which will lead to an invaluable knowledge of the working world in the nursing sector. Another reason to attend a nursing school is to have enough preparation to a varied opportunity in the nursing profession. The job opportunities are worldwide, ongoing and increasing. A career in nursing will give a sense of accomplishment and it will help find and maintain gainful employment and personal success.


The most important requirements to enter a nursing school is to have a high school diploma and a sound academic standing in high school English, chemistry, physics, biology, psychology and algebra. Another helpful asset will be an understanding of computers and technology. To be admitted on some nursing schools you need to take a pre-admission test which is called the National League for Nursing (NLN) Pre-admission exam. On the website www.nln.org you can find more information about this exam.

Other requirements

Problem-solving skills



People skills, you will interact with patients, families, and colleagues

The ability to stay calm in a crisis


Leadership and organizational skills, this will be taught at the nursing school

A sense of humour

By trying to work or volunteer at a local hospital you can discover more about the nursing career. This will be a great way which can help you get into the nursing school of your choice. You can also consult your high school guidance counsellor, a prospective nursing program, or a practicing nurse.