Nursing Schools

Nursing schools in the United States is now doubling their efforts to supply the demand for nurses in the 50 states of greater America. This decision came after it was found out in the past that the number of professional nurses was declining. In fact, in recent years the US government needs to hire nurses in Asia and other parts of the world to supply the increasing demand for nurses. The tempting offers for nurses in terms of salaries also become a headache for hospitals and other healthcare institutions as thousands of nurses from Asia and other parts of the world troop to US embassies to apply for vacant positions for nurses. Many public hospitals in the Philippines were emptied of nurses and had to conduct immediate hiring of new professional nurses.

In fact, it was also reported on national newspapers in the Philippines the plan to hire Indian nurses which were also turned down by local institutions for nurses which maybe badly affected by the plan. Although the plan did not materialize but the national government has not also stopped the increasing number of nurses from Philippines going out of the country every month.

Nursing schools in the US have also opened many opportunities for non-Americans in the US to enroll nursing and become professionals. Here are nursing schools in the US with NIH Rankings which are now doubling their efforts to meet the demand for nurses in the 21st century.

  1. University of California

  2. University of Washington

  3. University of North Carolina

  4. University of Illinois

  5. University of Pennsylvania

  6. University of Pittsburg

  7. University of Texas

  8. John Hopkins University

  9. Yale University

  10. University of Michigan

There are also universities in the US funded by the government in terms of trainings to be able to meet the demands for more nurses. These nursing schools include University of Washington, University of Michigan, University of North Carolina, University of Pennsylvania, John Hopkins University, University of California, University of Virginia, University of Iowa, Oregon Health and Science University, and University of Illinois.