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Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) work with patients who need or are receiving medical treatment. Licensed practical nurses might work in a hospital or health care clinic, or they could help patients in an assisted living facility. Some licensed practical nurses work with home health care providers. In a hospital or clinic working environment licensed practical nurses usually work as part of a team of health care providers, and they may prepare patients for treatment and assist the patients after their medical procedures. Some states permit licensed practical nurses to administer various medical treatments.

Licensed Practical Nurse Schools and Education Programs

Licensed practical nurses often begin their careers as nursing assistants, but it's not required. A nursing assistant who enjoys the career field and wishes to advance in their profession can choose to attend a licensed practical nursing school, which usually takes about a year to complete. After completing licensed practical nursing school, you must pass a national exam prior to being able to work in the career field. Licensed practical nursing schools often have a program which combines classroom study with laboratory and clinical work. Many licensed practical nurses gain valuable experience in the nursing field, and then continue their education to become a registered nurse.

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