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A licensed vocational nurse (LPN) usually works as part of a health care team providing treatment to patients in need of medical care. Licensed vocational nurses are normally supervised by registered nurses and doctors, and may in turn supervise a group of nurses. As a licensed vocational nurse, you could work at a hospital or health care clinic, an assisted living facility, or even work in the home health care field. Licensed vocational nurses may prepare patients for medical treatment and are often involved in patient care after treatment has been completed.

Training and Education for a Licensed Vocational Nurse

Most licensed vocational nurses enter the career field by completing a degree at a licensed vocational nurse school. Some enter school from a previous occupation, and others work for a period of time as nursing assistants prior to starting school. Many licensed vocational nursing schools require that applicants have either a high school diploma or a GED prior to starting classes. Licensed vocational nursing school takes about a year to complete and may combine classroom study with laboratory and clinical work. Upon completing your program, you must pass a national examination before working as a licensed vocational nurse.

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