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What Is an LPN to RN?

LPN to RN nursing programs focus on fast-tracking licensed practical nurses (LPNs) to become registered nurses (RNs). LPN to RN nursing schools focus on specific courses and procedures geared towards the RN:

  • Medication administration
  • Blood products
  • Life-to-death care for all individual
  • Safety measures and infection control
  • Critical thinking
  • Delegation and authority
  • Leadership in the workplace.

While working as an LPN can be very gratifying, there is not as much room for promotion or career advancement as there would be working as an RN. Individuals seeking higher salaries, more responsibility, and career advancement should think about a career as an RN.

What Are the Education Requirements for an LPN to RN Program?

For LPN to RN nursing school, it is expected that the LPN has taken the basic nursing courses and has an understanding of the procedures that LPNs perform. LPN to RN nursing programs focus mainly on registered nurse procedures and passing the NCLEX-RN.

What Are the Career paths with a LPN to RN?

Career paths for an LPN and RN are very similar: both can work in various health care settings and both can work alongside one another. Registered nurses have more responsibility and delegation authority than LPNs. Registered nurses can also advance into administration or leadership roles and are qualified to pursue more specialized nursing careers than LPNs.

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