Nursing School Programs: Accredited Nursing Degrees & Schools

The health care industry consists of trained professionals. If you have ever visited a hospital or medical clinic, you know that just about everything in the health care universe rotates around the nursing profession. Nurses assist patients with injuries and illnesses, help physicians with medical treatments, and keep the daily proceedings running in an orderly fashion.

Educational Programs for Nursing

There are many different ways you can enter the nursing career field, but just about all of them involve completing a nursing school program or earning a degree from a registered nurse school. You can enter the field as a nursing assistant or licensed practical nurse by earning a diploma or associate's degree through nursing programs offered at community and junior colleges. Nursing school programs offered at colleges and universities can lead to a bachelor's degree and a position as a registered nurse. There are also nursing degree programs offering opportunities to specialize at a graduate degree level. Nurses with a master's degree in nursing can work as nurse practitioners, nurse administrators, or other advanced occupations within the profession.

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