What Is an Online RN?

Online registered nurse programs are primarily for associate's degree or diploma RNs who would like to continue education towards their bachelor's in nursing. If you are brand new to nursing and would like to get your RN, you can still take some online courses to fulfill the basic requirements, but all of your clinical work and hours must be logged in a hospital or other accredited academic facility.

What Are the Education Requirements for Online RN Programs?

Education requirements for online registered nursing programs differ based on whether you are already working as an RN or you are brand new to nursing. If you are already an RN, then online RN programs for obtaining your bachelor's degree are mainly theory-based, concentrating on leadership development and critical thinking. If you are brand new to nursing, the online RN programs are focused on core nursing classes such as nutrition, anatomy, and physiology.

What Are the Advantages of Pursuing an RN Online?

Completing an online registered nursing program may be required for individuals who have otherwise busy lives and prior commitments. Online RN programs allow you to choose the hours when you want to complete the courses online. Working nurses can benefit from an online program because it allows you to keep your job while you pursue your bachelor's in nursing.

What Are the Career Paths with a RN & Salaries/Job Outlook in Registered Nursing?

With an RN, you can work in various health care settings including hospitals, research facilities, outpatient clinics, private offices, and public health clinics. Wages vary depending on the geographical location of employment and field of nursing. The outlook for RNs is excellent, with open positions in almost every state and every field of nursing.